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Here is a selection of books that provide a variety of perspectives on training your dog, understanding your dog’s behaviour, and having a happy and healthy companion.  Click on the icon to read more about the book at New Zealand bookseller FishPond.

The Other End of the Leash

The other end of the leash, by Patricia B. McConnell

The Other End of the Leash shares a revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship withdogs, focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of dogs. An applied animal behaviorist and dog trainer with more than twenty years experience, Dr. Patricia McConnell looks at humans as just another interesting species, and muses about why we behave the way we do around our dogs, how dogs might interpret our behavior, and how to interact with our dogs in ways that bring out the best in our four-legged friends.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond, by Cesar Millan

For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives — as well as those who have already brought a dog home. Based on Cesar’s own detailed experiences raising individual puppies from some of the most popular breeds, ‘How to Raise the Perfect Dog’ is like having Cesar right beside you. [audio version also available on CD]

Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog ... and Your Life

Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar’s Way to Transform Your Dog … and Your Life, by Cesar Millan

Bestselling author Cesar Millan takes his principles of dog psychology a step further, showing you how to develop the calm-assertive energy of a successful pack leader and use it to improve your dog’s life – and your own. Filled with practical tips and techniques as well as success stories from his fans, clients (including the Grogan family), and his popular television show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Cesar helps you understand and read your dog’s energy as well as your own so that you can move beyond just correcting behavioural issues and take your connection with your dog to the next level.The principles of calm-assertive energy will help you become a better pack leader in every area of your life, improving your relationships with friends, family and co-workers. In addition, Cesar addresses several important issues for the first time, including what you need to know about the major dog behaviour tools available and the difference between ‘personality’ and ‘instability’.What emerges from BE THE PACK LEADER are both happier dogs and happier, more centred owners [audio version also available on CD].

The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behaviour (Howell reference books)

The Dog’s Mind: Understanding Your Dog’s Behaviour, by Bruce Fogel

How do dogs perceive the world about them? How do they see, hear, learn, relate to their owners? How large are their brains, what is their emotional makeup? Why do they suffer from stress and how can it be coped with? Over the last few years a substantial body of knowledge has been built up about the psychology of dog behavior. Combining more than twenty years of practical experience as a veterinary clinician with a personal knowledge and understanding of the latest international research, Dr. Bruce Fogle has written the most inclusive and relevant book on how the canine mind works.

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