Classes and Enrolments

General Information

Online pre-enrolment for all classes is required to ensure a spot for you and your dog. Classes start at 7pm on Tuesday nights during term time, unless you are notified otherwise.  For classes, wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes, and carry rain gear as we train whatever the weather.  Your dog should have a plain collar or a safe check chain (not a choke chain), and a webbing or leather lead at least one metre long (please do not bring a chain lead).  Always make sure that you carry a plastic bag to clean up after your dog if necessary. Please make sure you are familiar with our club rules

The First Night Of The Term

We ask that you leave your puppies/dogs at home on the first night of each new term (except those in Rally-O, CGC, Scent or Competition training).  This is so we can get the administrative tasks completed quickly (such as confirming you are there, sighting the dog’s vaccination and certificate from the vet). Then you are split into groups based on the classes the dogs have been allocated to. You will get to meet your instructor and find out a little more about what will happen during the term – all without being distracted by your dog.

Assessment Information

Each class is assessed at the end of the term by your instructor.  The testing is usually done on the final night of the term.  However, if you have made good progress during the first few weeks of classes, your instructor may arrange to have your assessment conducted earlier, rather than on the final night.  If you do pass the test in an earlier week, we will provide you with some new exercises to teach your dog.

Domestic Obedience Classes

Domestic obedience classes are aimed at helping your dog develop the basic obedience skills that every dog should have. These include developing good manners when being around other dogs, in public places, and visiting a vet. You will learn how to communicate with your dog so that she/he knows what you want and how to prevent and/or deal with undesirable behaviours. All domestic obedience courses go over the period of nine weeks.

Junior Class

This is a course for puppies UNDER six months with no prior training (except Puppy Preschool if this was attended).

The course covers common puppy behaviours/traits, teaches bite inhibition, socialisation, appropriate play, handling your puppy, suitable treats and more.

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Basic+ Obedience

This class is perfect for dogs that already have some skills or training experience, but are not ready yet to move to the next level.

The class reinforces the skills practiced in the Basic Obedience class and takes them to a new level. We recommend this class to the graduates of the junior class and to the dogs who would benefit from repeating the Basic Obedience class. 

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Basic Obedience

This is a course for dogs OVER six months with no or limited prior training (e.g. Puppy Preschool).

In this course, you will teach your dog to walk nicely on a lead, to sit and lie down on command, and to come when called.  Advice on general dog care and training will be given, as well as assistance with any particular problems you have.  In this basic obedience course, emphasis will be put on socialising your dog with people and dogs to prevent displays of fear or aggression.

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Intermediate Obedience

Basic level skills are taken to a new level with much higher expectations from the dog and the handler. Mastering domestic obedience skills at this level also prepares you and your dog for advanced training options should you decide to continue your training journey with your dog.

After you have passed the basic course, we recommend you enrol in the intermediate obedience course to further develop the skills learned in Basic and Basic+ classes. 

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Advanced Obedience Classes

If you have mastered the basic skills, but feel like you and your dog will benefit from further training, consider joining one of our advanced classes. You will further solidify the skills you have developed and will create an amazing bond with your dog.

Competition Obedience

If you are interested in expanding your dog’s obedience skills and are interested in trying something that will challenge both you and your pooch, this is a class for you. 

Training is fun, and your dog will learn to follow your every move: forward, sideways, around in circles, or backward. If you are not thinking of competing, don’t let the name Competition deter you. This class will encourage your dog to exercise its brain and will also equip you with very useful skills. 

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Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

This is a national certification programme, consisting of four testing levels, developed and administered by the Dogs New Zealand.

You can enrol your dog in CGC classes after they have passed Basic and Intermediate obedience, but cannot actually sit the tests until he or she is at least 12 months old.  You do not need to be a member of the Dogs New Zealand to join this class.

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Scent work

Scent work (or Nose work) is a relatively new discipline in NZ where the dog is trained to identify the location of the target odour. It is a fun sport to try even if you are not planning to compete. A great benefit of this sport is that it is suitable for dogs of any age. You will build a strong bond with your dog too, and we can guarantee that your pooch will love it!

Scent work involves dogs locating an odour in a variety of environments, communicating the location to their handler, who then informs the judge where they think the odour is located. 

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This dog sport is recognised by Dogs New Zealand and competitions are held throughout the year at different dog clubs. 

A fun way to use and improve skills learnt in the intermediate class in new and sometimes challenging ways. Please ask your instructor at the Club or email us to find out more about Rally-o.

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Social Class

If you have completed the Intermediate level, but are not sure which direction to go next, consider joining the Social class. You will have an opportunity to learn what each of the dog sports involves through doing taster sessions. 

You will also learn a lot of fun games and activities that contribute to the further development of skills learned in the previous courses.

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Sold Out Classes

  • Scent Work Class (fortnightly)

If no classes are displayed here then classes are not yet sold out

Our Instructors

Classes are taught by members of the club on a voluntary basis.  Training fees cover the costs of running the club and classes.  The club members who teach know what they’re doing, as they compete with their own dogs in Obedience, Rally-O, Agility, Working Trials, Sledding, Conformation, and Paws ‘N Music competitions!  Find out what competitions are coming up in the Calendar section; also check out the News & Results section, where you can read about our club members’ latest show successes in our newsletter.

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