2011 TADTC Twilight Obedience Ribbon Trial Results

Our fun annual Twilight Ribbon Trial was held on Saturday 19th February at the Manawatu Canine Centre, Ashhurst.  Our thanks go out to all those who helped to make our show the success it was.

Read more for Placings and photos below…

Special Beginners

1st Melanie Wyse & Toby, 2nd Melanie Wyse & Jess


1st Rachel Wilbore & Akah, 2nd Suzie Wheatley & Kyah, 3rd Warren Lock & Echo,        4th Patti Robertson & Hannah

Test A

1st Maggy Ludlow & Zoe, 2nd Pam Martin & Gamble, 3rd Suzie Wheatley & Zara,          4th Beryl Keinzley & Ted

Test B

1st Sue Cooper & Ice, 2nd Warren Lock & Echo

Test C

1st Rachel Wildbore & Canyon, 2nd Beryl Keinzley & Courtney


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