TADTC Twilight Obedience Ribbon Trial Results

Results from Saturday 20th February 2010

Placings and photos below the fold…

Elementary 1
1st Judith Grootjans with Abby
2nd Stephen Bell with Skye
3rd Xiao Xiao Lin with Reno
4th Christine Birch with Sassa
Elementary 2
1st Ashleigh Craw with Jay
2nd Xiao Xiao Lin with Reno
3rd Stephen Bell with Skye
4th Judith Grootjans with Abby


Special Beginners
1st Nerolie Morrison with Christian
2nd Stephanie Poor with Meggy
3rd Ann Evans with Sophie
4th Ann Evans with Oak

1st Elsie Marriott with Fat Albert
2nd Margaret Robinson with Nikita
3rd Kathryn Beer with Brodie
4th Betsy Gleeson with Tasha

Test A
1st Robyn Annand with River
2nd Maggy Ludlow with Zoe
3rd Beryl Keinzley with Ted
4th Betsy Gleeson with Tasha


Test B
1st Wendy Mackay with Monty
2nd Meredith Pitcher with Tully
Test C
1st Beryl Keinzley with Courtney
2nd Katrina Roebuck with Tayin
Rally Novice A
1st Melanie Wyse with Toby
2nd Heather Sorenson with Floyd
3rd Nicky Redwood with Indy
4th Dave Cook with Zena
5th Stephanie poor with Meggy
Rally Novice B
1st Ann McSweeney with Holly
2nd Elsie Marriott with Fat Albert
3rd Margaret Robinson with Misty
4th Margaret Robinson with Nikita


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