Ribbon Trial Results

Thank you to our hard working judges, stewards, helpers and the competitors who braved the afternoon heat (and later a cooling breeze) to compete at our ribbon trial.

Also a special thank you to those who generously donated to the Victorian Canine Council Fire Victims appeal.

Results were:

Elementary 1
1st Hilary Evans with Apollo 67.5
2nd Anthony Reid with Tessa 65.5
3rd Bridget Smeeton with Woody
4th Judith Grootjans with Abby

Elementary 2
1st Bridget Smeeton with Bliss 68
2nd Dayna Beattie with Ahlia 66
3rd Hilary Evans with Apollo 65
4th Bridget Smeeton with Woody 65

Special Beginners
1st Murray Aamodt with Zena 73.5
2nd Richard Steele with Peanut 69
3rd Ann Evans with Toby
4th Richard Steele with Sam

1st Nikki McDowell with Gem 96
2nd Warren Lock with Echo 95.5
3rd Robyn Bland with Lockie 95
4th Sandra Caithness with Cracker 92.5

Test A
1st Robyn Annand with Brooke 142.5
2nd Linda Guiness with Sambucca 140.5
3rd Meredith Pitcher with Tully 138.5
4th Maggy Ludlow with Zoe 138

Test B
1st Sue Cooper with Ice 222
2nd Wayne Ellery with Scruffy 221.5
3rd Linda Guiness with Sambucca 215.5
4th Jean Borthwick with Kassi

Test C
No places awarded


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