Results from TADTC Ribbon Trial | 16 February 2008

Although the weather wasn’t entirely on our side, Tararua Allbreeds Dog Training Club hosted another successful Ribbon Trial.  We would like to extend special thanks to our Judges, Joyce Duggan, Mike Hoy, and Dennis Rodgers, on behalf of the club and competitors.  Thanks also to the members of TADTC who volunteered their time and helped make the show run smoothly.

Check out the photo gallery for this event at the bottom of this post!

Here are the results:
Special Beginners
1st: Cushla Wilson & Cassie
2nd: Anne Evan & Toby
3rd: Anne Evan & Sophie
4th: Kathryn Beer & Brodie

Elementary 1
1st: Claire Currie & Tinkabell
2nd: Claire Currie & Whiskey Mac
3rd: Jen Jessen & Lilley
4th: Sandra Ellwood & Turbo
Elementary 2
1st: Anne Evan & Toby
2nd: Anne Evan & Sophie
3rd: Claire Currie & Tinkabell
4th: Claire Currie & Whiskey Mac

1st: Tony Adamson & Gunnar
2nd: Anqelique Aamodt & Nero
3rd: Rose Arthur & Tango
4th: Warren Lock & Echo
Test A
1st: Diane Lock & Gizmo
2nd: Phil Smith & Borris
3rd: Meredith Pitcher & Tully
4th: Robyn Annand & Brooke
Test B
1st: Phil Smith & Sharnee
2nd: Beryl Keinzley & Courtney
3rd: Phil Smith & Borris
4th: Kate Winters & Merlin
Test C
1st: Helen Pitcher & Keller

Congrats to TADTC members Claire Currie, Cushla Wilson, Kathryn Beer, and Meredith Pitcher on their successes!

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TADTC successes at Feilding, Waitangi Day 2008

Congratulations are in order for several TADTC members who competed at Feilding Dog Training Club’s Obedience Ribbon Trial on Waitangi Day.
Elementary 1
4th: Claire Currie & Whiskey Mac

Elementary 2
4th: Claire Currie & Whiskey Mac

Test A
3rd: Tanya Emms & Frank

Test B
2nd: Sue Cooper & Ice

Test C
5th: Jo Scott & Ralph 

Rally-O Level 1
4th: Kathryn Beer & Sasha
Rally-O Level 2
3rd: Sue Cooper & Ice